Hardware and Software repairs

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In case you are already a customer, and are facing a technical issue; please feel free to submit your issue by clicking on 'Submit your ticket'  button. A member of our team will be responding shortly. 

Electronic Wires


At MCdns, we support a daily maintenance and check up to make sure your equipments do not die on you. We provide 24/7 on call support, and our team is qualified and certified.


Having a system that does not want to turn on is always stressful. At MCdns, we want to assure a daily routine with our users to make sure their system is up and running. This is most likely done remotely, and is done every morning before business hours. 

Night Shift at Office
Software Engineers

Service after repair

We can never trust a computer. Things happen, and the only way to help is to maintain after repair. Our procurement center is in charge of testing all devices after repair for at least a week before releasing it. We offer software updates as a part of your package.